8 Ways to Celebrate National Men’s Health Week

Did you know that it is National Men"s Health Week? Every year, we celebrate it from June 10 to June 16 to raise awareness regarding male health issues. This is a reminder for men to take a look at their daily habits, and see what can be improved or maybe even overhauled. Here are eight healthy habits that will contribute to a longer, healthier life: National Men’s Health Week Always get restful sleep We are all guilty of staying up late. Getting restful sleep with sufficient REM cycles is crucial to the body’s healing and rejuvenating processes. Aim for a bare minimum of 6 hours. 8+ hours, if you seriously exert yourself or are under stress. End the tobacco addiction This is the perfect time to kick the habit. Smoking is known to cause cancer, emphysema, heart attack, stroke, and – yes – death. Quit so you can live longer, period. For the people who need you most — your friends and family. Move around more Play ball with the kids, bike ride with your spouse, or get some daily exercise in--anything to stay active and move around! Sometimes all it takes is standing up – instead of sitting for hours – to improve your health. “Cleaner” eating habits Avoiding processed foods, eating more veggies, and reducing red meat consumption may be one of the most health promoting decisions you can make. Reduce and neutralize your stress Stress causes the release of harmful chemicals in your body. Having ways to combat stress, such as meditation, regular exercise, and fellowship, will keep you not only feeling better every day, but actually being healthier. Preventive medical check-ups Don"t ignore those check-up reminders! Schedule regular, at least annual, visits with your doctor to make sure everything is in working order, and for the best chance at detecting signs of illness at an early stage. Consume less salt Lowering your salt intake is another way to contribute to your health; overconsumption of sodium can cause blood pressure to rise, which harms the heart and other key organs. 2,000 milligrams of sodium daily is now considered too much – read all your food labels and do the math! Having affordable healthcare It all starts with making use of affordable healthcare. Don"t be afraid to use "walk-in" health center clinics for urgent matters, either – a good introduction to taking better care of yourself.

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Peter Kim, MD

Dr. Kim,  is the Medical Director of Family Care Centers, Former Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at Hoag Hospital, and a recipient of the Physicians of Excellence award from the Orange County Medical Association. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine, and has been practicing in our community for over 20 years. He is an excellent, caring, and well­qualified physician who is dedicated to providing you with superior health care. A native of Los Angeles, he graduated from UCLA and received his medical training at the LAC­USC Medical Center. After completing his residency in Family Medicine, he accepted a sports medicine fellowship at San Jose Medical Center, an affiliate of Stanford University. He enjoys working with patients and families who are training or want to get back into an active lifestyle. Review Dr. Kim on: Facebook Google+ Yelp WebMD

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