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Sports & Camp Physicals, Orange County, CA

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Fast and Affordable Sports Physicals for Your Junior Athlete or Camper

Fast and Affordable Sports Physicals for Your Junior Athlete or Camper

Are you looking for a sports physical center near you that is fast and convenient? With no appointment needed and affordable rates, our sports physicals could not be easier. Whether your child is participating in school sports or enrolling in a camp, a pre-participation physical exam will make sure they are healthy and ready for activity.

We have experienced and certified providers who will perform an all-round physical assessment for your child to ensure their health and safety. We will help you identify any areas that may be prone to injury and suggest tips and exercises to avoid problems. We will make sure the physical exam you receive is the best and ideal for your child’s requirements.

If you need quick sports physicals, we are the urgent care services provider you can rely on. Walk-in to our urgent care facilities in Irvine, Fountain Valley, and Costa Mesa and we promise to see you quickly. To avoid wait times during busier hours, please have your spot reserved in advance by calling or scheduling online. We also serve the local nearby communities, including Tustin, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and others.

* Please keep in mind: if you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 30 days or were ever hospitalized due to COVID, please see your Primary Care Physician. Minors need to be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or adult with a signed note from a parent or guardian.

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What Does a Sports or Camp Physical Examination Cover?

The sports physical exam is required to determine whether your child is healthy enough to participate in a certain sport or begin a new competitive sports season. It is performed to assess your child’s physical fitness, maturity, health condition, current injuries, and medical conditions that can make them susceptible to injuries. Based on your child’s health condition, we will provide tips on how to prevent injuries while playing and safely play with a medical condition or chronic illness.

The sports physical exam will cover:

Eye Exam

It is performed to check your child’s vision and determine whether they need prescription lenses or their current lenses need to be adjusted.

Joints and Flexibility Check

We will test your child’s joints, posture, strength, and flexibility to identify areas that may be susceptible to injuries and recommend exercises and tips to stay healthy.

Vitals Check

We will check your child’s blood pressure and pulse rate to make sure they are normal and proper. We will also record their height and weight, as weight changes and growth spurts can cause added stress on muscles, joints, and bones.

Fitness Assessment

We will check your child’s throat, heart, ears, lungs, nose, and abdomen. We will also check their cardiovascular system and recommend some limitations on physical activity if required.

Medical History Review

We will review your child’s medical history to know about:

  • Past illnesses and medical conditions including asthma, epilepsy, or diabetes
  • Allergies
  • Serious health conditions among family members
  • Any medication they are currently taking
  • Previous hospitalizations and surgeries
  • Whether they had chest pain or trouble breathing during exercise

Knowing these will help diagnose problems before they become worse.

Contact us today or reserve your spot with us if you are looking for an urgent care center that provides sports and camp physical near you.

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