Asthma and Allergy Care,
Orange County, CA

Urgent Care for Asthma, Allergies, and Other Breathing Difficulties

Asthma and allergies often occur together. The same factors (food and drug allergies) that can trigger allergies may also cause asthma symptoms. However, depending on how your body reacts, you may experience an allergy, asthma attack, or life-threatening condition like anaphylaxis. If your symptoms start to become dangerous — difficulty breathing, swelling of the tongue or throat — you need to call 911. For milder symptoms, the Family Care Centers’ urgent care providers can provide immediate and convenient relief without an appointment.

Visit one of our urgent care clinics in Irvine, Fountain Valley, or Costa Mesa to get an immediate diagnosis and treatment for asthma and allergy symptoms.

How Our Urgent Care Clinics Can Help with Your Asthma

We can treat moderate asthma and its complications including, wheezing and coughing. However, if you have chronic, persistent asthma, you should be sure to follow up with your lung specialist or primary care provider.

Symptoms of Asthma That May Require Medical Assistance

Asthma symptoms can range from mild to severe. Usually, someone with an asthma attack will experience breathing issues along with other common symptoms, such as:

Follow these care tips below to ease your symptoms:

Besides causing regular asthma symptoms, allergy-induced asthma can also cause:

These symptoms can be treated at our urgent care clinics. However, you should visit the Emergency Room if you experience severe asthma symptoms, including:

Asthma Diagnosis and Treatment at Our Urgent Care Clinics

Our medical providers can help you with various treatment options. To diagnose asthma, we will:

Our asthma treatments may include:

Asthma Risk Factors and Treatment for Children and Teens

Factors that increase your children’s risk of developing asthma are:

Asthma attacks in children can be mild, moderate, or severe depending on how they react to certain triggers. When providing asthma care to your children, we consider their:

What to Expect During Your Visit for Asthma Care

During your visit, we will:

Also, we will create an action plan to keep your asthma under control, which can help you:

Walk-in to one of our urgent care clinics: Irvine Woodbridge Walk-In Urgent Care, Fountain Valley Urgent Care, or Costa Mesa Urgent Care to get diagnosed and treated for mild asthma, allergies, and breathing difficulties. You can also reserve your spot to avoid longer wait times.

Reserve Your Spot at One of Our Urgent Care Clinics

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Fountain Valley Urgent Care

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