4 Stellar Ideas to Get You and Your Kids Active

The last week of April was Every Kid Healthy Week, which stressed the idea that we need to continually encourage healthy decisions for our youngsters. In addition to their school life, it is necessary to create a healthy home environment for our children. Ultimately the healthy lifestyle choices our kids make now will affect their decisions in their later years. But who says being healthy has to be boring? Here are 4 ways to encourage your kids to engage in fun and healthy physical activity.

Get Your Kids Active


1) Set Up An Obstacle Course. This idea is great for any competitive child (or parent), as participants race each other to the finish line! Use items that are lying around your house; some great items to use are hula-hoops, brooms, jump ropes, mini trampolines, and tape, just to name a few.

Engaging in an obstacle course race is good for more than just the joy of competition—we’re talking about health. Racing through the course will strengthen your heart as you partake in activities such as running and jumping. Additionally, you will be building muscle mass, which ultimately is beneficial to fortifying your bones and preventing osteoporosis.


2) Take Your Child Roller Skating or Bike-Riding. It’s amazing how much exercise can be done on a pair of in-line skates or a bicycle. Skate with your child around the block, or at the beach…maybe even bring your dog! The benefits of roller skating include improving balance, endurance, and giving less than 50% of the impact on your joints when compared to running. Additionally, roller skating can burn up to 600 calories in an hour, making it the perfect activity for any child that has just eaten sugary sweets, as well any adult that wants to lose weight.

3) Take Your Child to a Trampoline Park. As an increasing amount of indoor trampoline parks appear, it has also become easier to get fit and have fun at the same time. Don’t know what a trampoline park is? Picture a warehouse filled with different kinds of trampolines to jump around on…AKA a child’s heaven.
But don’t think all the fun is for the youngsters; trampolines offer health benefits for people of all ages, including the ability to strengthen your heart, firm and tone your muscles, and increase your energy. Recent studies have confirmed that 10 minutes of bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than running for 33 minutes.

4) Introduce Your Kids to the Benefits of Yoga. Whether you are a master, or have never tried it, exploring the benefits of yoga with your child is a stellar idea. Increased muscle tone, improved respiration, and cardio and circulatory health are among the top benefits that arise from this activity. Do yoga right before your child’s bedtime to get rid of any leftover energy from the day, and to help them feel calm and relaxed.

Are you interested in helping your child discover the enjoyments of physical activities? Visit your primary care physician for a physical to see where you and your child stand physically. If for any reason your child becomes sick or hurt during physical activity, visit your local urgent care—our facilities include Woodbridge Walk-In, Fountain Valley Urgent Care, and Costa Mesa Urgent Care. Be sure to schedule an appointment online with us first!

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