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Pre-Employment Physicals, Orange County, CA

Walk-In Pre-Employment & Return-to-Work Physical Exams

Walk-In Pre-Employment & Return-to-Work Physical Exams

Whether you are looking for a pre-employment or return-to-work physical exam, we can help. Our pre-employment medical exam is customized to the specific responsibilities of the job and screens for skills that are required regularly. We have highly-trained and experienced medical examiners who can accurately perform the test to make sure you are healthy enough to work on a particular job.

We offer all sorts of employment physicals, including general physical exams, pre- employment, return-to-work after an accident or extended illness, DOT physicals, and more.

For your convenience and easy access, we provide the pre-employment physical exam at all our urgent care centers in Irvine, Fountain Valley, and Costa Mesa. We also serve the nearby communities, like Tustin, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and more.

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What Are Pre-Employment Physical Exams?

Pre-employment physicals are intended to assess an employee’s physical ability and make sure they will be able to perform all the tasks related to their job. The exam includes checking an employee’s vital signs including vision, hearing, weight, height, and more.

Pre-employment physicals also identify any chronic conditions or potential illnesses that can prevent an employee from performing their job efficiently. The exam ensures employers that their prospective employees are physically and mentally fit and healthy and can perform a job to the best of their ability.

What Types of Pre-Employment Screenings Are Offered at Our Clinics

Our pre-employment physical exam includes:

  • Vision testing
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Some immunizations and vaccinations
  • Titers (measures the amount and presence of antibodies in blood to prove immunity to disease and infections)
  • Musculoskeletal and spine check
  • Lab tests
  • TB testing (chest x-ray if needed)
  • Audiometry (hearing ability) testing

What Is Looked for During a Pre-Employment Medical Exam?

All pre-employment physical exams will not be the same and may vary depending on the type of job and skills required for a particular job. For example, your vision, hearing, and drug and alcohol consumption are tested if your work involves frequent driving. You may be tested for strength and stamina if your job includes heavy lifting. You may also be tested for any chronic conditions or underlying health problems.

We will perform the test by complying with the unique requirements of your job. However, our physical exam will usually screen:

  • Vital signs – Heart rate, temperature, height, weight, and blood pressure
  • Skin appearance – To determine if there any signs or symptoms of underlying medical conditions
  • Heart – To detect possible signs of heart problems
  • Abdomen – To check whether your bowels, liver, and other organs are healthy and function well
  • Lungs – To detect difficulty breathing or wheezing
Employee and Pre-Employment Drug Testing

What to Bring at Your Work-Related Physical Exam

During your work-related physical exam visit, you need to bring:

  • Any paperwork provided by your employer that details what services they need, including lab tests
  • Valid driver’s license, employer-issued badge, or federal/state/local issued ID card
  • List of current medications
  • List of any allergies
  • List of past surgeries and health conditions
  • Accessories that may be needed for additional tests, including hearing aids and glasses

These details will help us better understand your health, so we can determine if any additional tests are required beyond your employer’s requirements and act accordingly.

Are Pre-Employment Exams Covered by Health Insurance?

Generally, insurance does not cover the pre-employment physical exam. However, you can contact your health insurance provider to check whether your insurance covers the cost of the pre-employment physical exam. Sometimes, your employers may refund the cost.

Is a TB Test a Part of Pre-Employment Physicals?

No, it is not a part of pre-employment physicals, but we provide this test at all our urgent care centers. Your job type determines whether you need a TB test. A TB test is intended to identify latent TB infection in a person, as they can develop a TB disease. Generally, healthcare workers, laboratory workers, home health aides, and teachers require a TB test. We do perform chest x-rays for those that require it due to previous positive TB tests.

Contact us today or schedule an appointment if you are looking for an urgent care center in Orange County that provides walk-in employee physical exams near you.

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