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5-Shot Friday 6/22/2017: Start Light, End Heavy

Welcome to the “start light, end heavy” June 23rd edition of 5-Shot Friday.


1. Video of the Week: ASL Mickey & Minnie


2. Sous Vide Lots Of Stuff

10 Surprising Things You Can Cook Sous Vide

Sous vide is the secret to perfectly done through, super moist and tender meats – the constant temperature water bath heats and holds a bag-wrapped meat at the desired temp for doneness, while literally sealing in its juices. It’s what many high-end restaurants use to keep your medium rare prime rib medium rare all night long, right before it’s surface seared and plopped on your plate.

Here’s a bevy of other possible dishes, including flavor-infused syrups, yogurt, soup stocks, cheesecake, dulce de leche, and pickled vegetables.

Whatever your dietary preference, sous vide as a cooking technique keeps your food choices unprocessed, largely whole, and thus optimally healthy.


3. Injury Care 101

Injury Care 101

Jarlo Ilano is a physical therapist and long-time martial artist affiliated with Gold Medal Bodies (GMB), an online bodywork and training outfit with routines spanning floor work, gymnastics ring, and parallette bar regimens for regular, movement curious folk. His advice is spot on, accessible, and a definite step up from the usual “ice it down, take Motrin, and lay off for a couple months” common to non-sports trained healthcare providers.


4. Batch Processing For Food

Batch Processing For Food

Lindsay Nixon, the Happy Herbivore, is hosting a free, step-by-step event teaching you how to batch prep food for an entire week.

Batch processing maximizes efficiency by taking a pile of work and focusing on doing it all at once, instead of here and there on the fly. When you’re in “cooking for the rest of the week” Mode, it’s much easier to stay In that Mode to do a pile of food prep for an hour or two, rather than spending ten times as long switching back and forth each mealtime, 7 days a week.

Her session will be recorded, but if you’d like to “attend” live this Sunday the 25th, you can sign up and download the sample meal plan, including the shopping list.


5. The Leading Cause Of Death In Americans Under 50 Is…?

Learn more about it here.


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