5-Shot Friday: Weed, Guns, and Gaming

Jun 24, 2016


5 Shot Friday

5-Shot Friday: Weed, Guns, and Gaming

Hello, and welcome to the fifth installation of 5-Shot Friday.

1) Wearable Electronics Go Mainstream


This summer, L’Oreal is releasing a sunscreen that may come with a complimentary device “that looks something like a heart-shaped Band-Aid.”

But it isn’t – it’s the latest stretchable electronic for mainstream consumers that can tell your smartphone what your sun exposure is in real time.

If you can measure it, you can manage it – and the ultimate in easy-to-wear measuring devices is a monitor that you can stick to your skin, or include in your helmet or mouthguard.

2) And So Will Weed (For Medicinal Purposes)

Medical Cannabis

According to this piece from the Santa Monica Observer, the DEA will be “reclassifying marijuana as a ‘Schedule Two’ drug on August 1, 2016, “essentially legalizing medical cannabis in all 50 states with a doctor’s prescription.” Possibly as early as July 1.

This is not the same thing as recreational marijuana; medical cannabis usage is for specified medical conditions, and as a “Schedule Two” medication it will join the ranks of other carefully prescribed controlled substances like Vicodin, Norco, codeine, and morphine.

Translation: it won’t be as common as breath mints, but if you have a medical condition that medical cannabis treats, the main legal barrier to access outside of a handful of marijuana dispensaries is going to evaporate in less than 6 weeks.

3) Healthy Snapshot From @nomnompaleo

Healthy Diet

A healthy snack pic from Michelle Tam’s Twitter feed of Paleo goodness: apples, mangos, macadamia nuts, and organic Applegate salami.

4) Wisdom On Bridging The Gun Control Divide

Wisdom On Bridging The Gun Control Divide

It is said that in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, and that common sense is not so common.

A voice of calmness, reason, and experience (Greg Ellifritz is a police officer and a law enforcement and civilian firearms instructor) – is a rare combination:

“I’m fortunate to have lots of friends who are all over the political spectrum. My Facebook feed is definitely not an echo chamber like some others are. Because I have friends with various political leanings, I’m seeing both sides of the gun control debate. And both sides are getting nasty. That isn’t going to solve any problems.

“For my right wing friends, the guy advocating for more gun control is not your enemy. He just doesn’t want his loved ones gunned down.

“For my left wing friends, likewise the dude posting all the gun rights memes isn’t your enemy either. He also doesn’t want his family killed. He thinks the best way to prevent that is to take an active role in protecting them.

“Neither side wants to see more people slaughtered. Neither side wants to feel the pain of a loved one killed. Neither side wants criminals, terrorists, or crazy people to have free access to weapons (of any type). Stop sniping at each other. In reality you all have much more in common than you might think.

“Both sides of the debate are coming from the same place…the desire to stop the killing of innocent people. Recognize that and work with it…

“Name calling and derision are not successful strategies to get things done. Let’s start working together to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of the criminals and terrorists. Let’s find a way to get the mentally ill the help that they need. And let’s do it is such a manner that it doesn’t infringe on the rights of your law-abiding peaceful neighbor (who would never commit such an atrocity) at the same time.

“You all are smart people. You can do this. Stop attacking each other.”

After this post, the following:

“Who would have thought those words could be so controversial? The post was “liked” 1100 times and shared more than 700 times. Despite its popularity, I got more hate mail from it than anything else I have ever written. People were absolutely incensed that I would suggest that we could do something to slow the tide of murderous rampages. It was baffling to me.”

His follow up post was a thing of beauty.


5) The Future Of Education Is Learning To Play Games

Don’t laugh. Peter Diamand is of X-Prize fame (you may have heard of a colleague of his, who founded a little car company called Tesla) is one of the many at the cutting edge of technology based in Silicon Valley and San Diego, who are convinced that launching humanity beyond what even they as tech giants have achieved will depend on exponentially accelerated technology and learnings.

Gamification is an accessible, obvious demonstration of this process in action – any teen or adult gamer advancing through a game is practicing the most valuable learning skills: starting from nothing, gaining traction, and fearlessly trying to progress again and again through countless repetitions. Until mastery is achieved.

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