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5-Shot Friday: Trials, Anxiety, Broscience, Sardines, and Gatorade Love

Hello, and welcome to the 9th installation of 5-Shot Friday.

1) Clinical Trial Lookup Tool From PatientsLikeMe

Sometimes you’re looking to help others and to add to the general body of medical knowledge, by sharing your own experience of a particular condition.

Sometimes you’re looking for another option to treat what ails you.

Sometimes, you’re looking for any option to treat what may not have a treatment.

Clinical trials are where to go – where the cutting edge questions and answers are being investigated. The PatientsLikeMe website has a quick lookup page, where you can search for ongoing trials by condition or whatever topic you’re interested in. At the time of this writing, there are 51,109 clinical trials that are actively recruiting in their database.

2) Anxiety And The News Cycle

Anxiety And The News Cycle

Nailed once again by the master of index card graphics, Jessica Hagy (@jessicahagy).

3) Broscience, Shmoscience: Does It Work?

Broscience, Shmoscience

John Romaniello is a bodybuilding and strength coach, and as long as you don’t mind the occasional 4-letter word for emphasis, his blog posts are well thought out, compelling – and long.

This post deals with the tension between theoreticians in the lab, and the results-oriented folk in the gym, which has surprising carryover to discussions about medicine and pharmaceuticals:

“In the Golden Age, bodybuilders were solely interested in results. That, I think, is the biggest thing we can say for the guiding philosophy behind the training methods of those days—Arnold and his contemporaries did things that worked, simply because they worked…however, the difference between the fitness industry now and during the Golden Age is the focus on and impact of scientific research.

“…science zealots were, for a time, so intent on tearing town “conventional bodybuilding wisdom” that they lost sight of something truly important: it worked…just because there aren’t seven studies backing something up doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. In many, many cases, the gym is a bit ahead of the lab.

“I value research tremendously. The ability to test the gym-generated theories in a controlled environment helps us see what works, and sometimes tweak it to make it work better. All of that’s great, and should help the industry at large…but, as it turns out, for all the good the focus on studies and lab testing has done, there has also been a fair bit of harm.”

4) Recipe: Pesto Salad With Omega-3s That Swim

Recipe - Pesto Salad With Omega-3s

A very tasty-sounding recipe from Darya Rose’s Summer Tomato website, courtesy of Elyse Kopecky.

Proteins and omega-3s, courtesy of what many Paleo people consider the perfect food: sardines.

5) Never Lose The Love

This week’s inspirational video comes courtesy of Sarah Bernstein, MD (@sbernsteinmd).
And you’re welcome.

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