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5-Shot Friday: Democracy, Backyard Urban, Paleo+, Hiya! And Jefferson

Welcome to the 11/25/16, post Turkey Day edition of 5-Shot Friday.

1. It’s Kind Of Like Democracy: Tweet Of The Week

Thanks to @papastevesbars for this reminder from George Sheehan, an eminently thoughtful apologist on the running life.

2. Urban Home what?

Start An Urban Homestead

Urban Homesteading is definitely a thing:

“Urban homesteading is the practice of producing a significant amount of food, including small livestock and poultry, for personal consumption and/or for sale as part of a home-based or cottage foods economy (producing certain foods for sale from your home or at a farmer’s market).”

If the thought, even the barest hint, of taking the time to grow or raise some of the foodstuffs that you eat seems wildly outrageous, consider this: how outlandish is it to reduce your risk of premature death, of staying capable and vital as you age, of contributing to the welfare of others besides yourself?

“The daily tasks and responsibilities that go along with running an urban homestead provide ample opportunities for teaching children – and adults – skills, values, work ethic and stewardship. They also allow you to spend more time with your family learning a new skill or honing a new craft. The sense of accomplishment and pride you both get when the work is done (or attempted with all of your might) is very rewarding. The skills your children learn while under your wing as a homesteader are invaluable.”

3. Paleo Expands

Paleo Expands

Paleo dietary choices have gone past “the newest thing” into the mainstream consciousness – and its grassroots support has broadened to include academicians, trainers and athletes, nutritionists, and healthcare researchers.

The Ancestral Health Symposium is an annual conference that serves as a nucleus for developments on the cutting edge of the Paleo front. You can check out their YouTube channel for more information than you could shake a pointy, fire-hardened stick at.

4. Martial Arts Learnings I Can Agree With

Martial Arts Learnings

Alex Zinchenko is one of the trainers I follow online, because of his practicality, and because it’s kind of cool that he lives in Kiev, Ukraine and not San Francisco, CA.

His recent musings on martial arts training pretty closely parallel my own after 30 years of amateur practice. Lesson #1: You Are Fragile…

5. OK. One More Tweet Of The Week

I would argue that regular strength training is the king of exercises, but walking very far would come in a close second.

No matter how deeply we dive into our digital, virtual lives, we don’t want to lose touch with our ability to migrate.

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