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5-Shot Friday: 11th Hour Gifts, SEAL Sleep, Einstein and Dreadface, Extinction and…The 11th Hour

Welcome to the 12/23/16 version of 5-Shot Friday.

1. Über Last Minute Healthy Gift Guide

Paleo Diet Recipes

The odds are against anything you ordering at this point will arrive by Christmas Day – but who knows? Amazon DOES come with next day shipping.

Nom Nom Paleo’s guide to all manner of cool and healthy shizz has been tested by her and her clan.

Programmable pressure cooker for under $80? Check.

Best spiralizers to carve noodles from veggies/fruit? Check.

Gourmet salts, cookbooks, and even a wireless noise reducing headset? Yup.

All top notch stuff.

2. Sleep Debt Is Not An Option

Tips To Fix Your Sleep

Dr. Kirk Parsley MD is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and served as an expert advisor to the Navy SEALs – after being a SEAL himself.

“Some of what I’ve learned came the hard way. Before I went to medical school, I was a Navy SEAL, with all of the sort of untamable, turbo-charged resolve that comes with being a SEAL. Not to mention an unusual threshold for pain. In medical school, I was determined to get more done in my life by restricting sleep to five hours a night, often less. This was how I justified cramming in training to be a triathlete into my schedule.”

“This is another thing I’m emphatically saying not to do.”

“To cut to the chase, this stratagem made medical school at least five times harder than it should have been. I recall forcing myself to read through medical textbooks Clockwork Orange-style, hours each day, dragging my eyes across the same sentence over and over because my ability to retain information was so thoroughly compromised. My health and performance levels plummeted to dangerously low levels.”

There are simple things you can do as well. There probably isn’t an area of your life or biomarker on your next blood test that won’t show marked improvement by eradicating any sleep debt. Whether you’re a Navy SEAL in a war zone, a nurse working working a double-shift or parents with newborn, it all applies.”

3. Quotes/Tweets Of The Month

From @salimismail of Singularity University: “Am in a toysRus. Every parent’s face says “damage limitation exercise”

And from @patientslikeme:

Quotes Tweets Of The Month

4. Somber Notes On…Um, Extinction

Extinction Crisis

A slick website by CNN that injects a slightly wider perspective into the season.

Technology and the capacity to generate abundance are not the only things accelerating on Earth.

5. When Breath Becomes Air

“Lucy and Paul Kalanithi fell in love in medical school. Lucy’s name was picked at a raffle during a charity benefit. Her prize was to go a date with Paul, a scientist with a keen interest in literature and philosophy. Early in their relationship, they bonded by opening up to each other about how it felt to lose a patient or share a difficult diagnosis.”

“Paul, who went on to become a neurosurgeon and author the book When Breath Becomes Air, passed away at the age of 37 last year, leaving behind an infant daughter. He was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years earlier, after experiencing symptoms that included weight loss and a persistent cough.”

“At TEDMED in Palm Springs this week, Lucy opened up about the toughest medical decisions they had to make in the final months. During their last visit to the hospital, she recalled Paul turning to her and uttering “I’m ready.” He had made his wishes clear to her that he did not want CPR or to be resuscitated. “What he wanted was to hold our baby daughter,” Kalanithi said. This experience, among others, prompted her to think deeply about lessons to live by as a wife, mother, and physician. She shared these learnings with the audience.”

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