5-Shot Friday For 12/8/17: Burying The Lead

Dec 08, 2017


5 Shot Friday

5-Shot Friday For 12/8/17:  Burying The Lead

I’m thinking it’s time to change the name of 5-Shot Fridays to “5-Shot or One Big Shot In The Arm Fridays.”

Because it keeps happening. I scan the Internet for pertinent and interesting health and medical articles, and about every 4th or 5th session, there it is: a post or article that slams on the brakes, and makes me say, Wow, that’s deep. This is a definite Must Share.

And it doesn’t hurt if said article can say something meaningful, particularly about politics, without being explicitly political. Because part of the editorial mission of 5-SFs is to be medically professional, despite the fact that politics is and always has been a part of health care and wellness, just as politics has always been a part of every human interaction involving more than one person. “Oog, I don’t think that sound was a bear; you go check” – politics, right there.

It’s getting really difficult to talk about health care in America while going up, down, and sideways around party politics.

Luckily, it’s possible, as well as being much more likely to induce change, by pointing to a different way of thinking instead of specific issues. Gun control or vaccines: clench. Tax reform: knee jerk.

But “Feelings – they’re a red herring, they can get us all in lots of trouble, often they signify exactly nothing, but we’ve come to believe they mean everything” – in other words, this post by Mark Manson – that might, just might, get a pause.

A brow furrow, an I-think-he’s-onto-something, because you’ve suspected that fear-mongering is getting out of hand, or maybe because it rings a little bell that reminds you of something Trappist, something Buddhist or Tao Te Ching-ish that you read in high school, but never forgot because the idea of a middle path always seemed like a really sensible approach to life.

You still might absolutely refuse to get a flu or any other shot that protects you from a severe, potentially lethal contagious infection; you probably won’t budge in your belief that Donald Trump is either the greatest thing for the hard working common man, or the death knell for the middle class. But rethinking how important feelings are in determining our actions, how impulsive we are, and how we’ve made decisions we wish we could take back – yeah, been there, and so have you.

And like the previous post I highlighted by Mark Manson, a disclaimer is required: there’s an f-bomb in the title, and sprinkling of said profanity in the body of the post, not gratuitous and not potty mouth.

His main point, calling for a recognition of how we function and a decrease in the suffering we impose on ourselves and each other, is elegantly made, I assure you.

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