5-Shot Friday for 2/9/18

Feb 09, 2018


5 Shot Friday

5-Shot Friday for 2/9/18

Welcome to the February 9th edition of 5-Shot Friday – a return to the usual 5 curated article format.

1. Unhooking From Cheese

Shout out to @ForksOverKnives for the pointer.

Whether you believe that cheese, nummy, tasty cheese, is the root of all evil, it can indeed be a health issue. I’ve seen a number of my own patients have dramatic improvements in their cholesterol numbers and body weight by dropping this one thing from their diets – often just nixing one or two pieces a day.

2. Gut Microbiomes And Cancer

Gut Microbiomes And Cancer

Shout out to Dr. Rhonda Patrick (@foundmyfitness) for the pointer to this NY Times article.

Back in the day, “everyone just knew” that ulcers came from too much stress, tobacco, and booze. The idea that a stomach bacterial infection caused most ulcers, and that you could cure them with certain antibiotics, seemed totally nuts. Not so anymore; H. pylori bacteria are now universally recognized as a prime cause of not only ulcers but certain digestive cancers as well.

We’ve advanced a bit past the germ theory of medicine, the bleeding cutting edge involves genes being switched on and off, and the effect of “good” and “bad” microbes in our guts that secrete substances that can alter our DNA gene expression, and open us up to mutations that can lead to cancer.

A decent educational read.

3. Bada** For Life

From the good, intelligent, encouraging folks over at GMB Fitness, on aging:


“…the truth is, while your body will change, that doesn’t have to make you less capable."

“Because, while the average person will slowly lose capability for most of their adult years, there are simple strategies to maintain and even improve what your body can do as you get older."

“In this article, I’ll lay out the three major ways most people’s bodies decline as they get older. And I’ll share three key strategies that you can use to make sure you build and maintain the capabilities you want for a lot longer than most people think is possible.”

4. And A Korean Food Tweet

If your diet style includes starch, you could do worse than a bowl of bibimbap: white rice covered with small handfuls of raw and marinated veggies, with sesame oil and a spicy sauce, all stirred together and eaten, soft yok fried egg and other meat protein optional.

5. Featured Ahhh Tweet

Gaugin, 1889.

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