Proven Ways to Slim Down Without Intense Diets or Exercise

Oct 12, 2017



Proven Ways to Slim Down Without Intense Diets or Exercise

If you are looking to lose weight, don"t be fooled: it takes time and attention to counteract the modern forces promoting weight gain.

That being said, there are basic techniques you can put into play RIGHT NOW that are surprisingly low stress and straightforward:

  • Choose smaller plates/smaller portions. Using a smaller plate will result in smaller, more manageable portions. Start paying attention to satiety signals — your body telling you that you"re full, rather than your eyes telling you that your plate is empty.

  • Shift your focus to unprocessed whole foods. Foods close to their original form, like vegetables or whole grains that you cook, mean fewer blood sugar dips and more sustained levels of energy – and fewer cravings.

  • Consider smaller meals eaten more often. For some, this can reduce feelings of hunger and keep energy levels constant.

  • Turn house cleaning into a workout. Dance when you vacuum and stretch when you dust. You can turn each chore into a physical activity that works some part of the body, which saves time and puts more enjoyment into your daily routines.

  • Eat at home. You"ll eat healthier foods, smaller portions and save money. Your food will have fewer additives and preservatives as well.

  • Listen to your gut! When your stomach says it"s had enough, then it’s a good idea to listen. Don"t overeat.

  • Maintain 3-5 hours between your larger meals. If you still want to eat two or three larger meals during the day, stretch them out and eat small snacks in between.

  • Stop stressing over weight loss – Stressing over losing weight can cause you to sabotage yourself, as stress reduces your quality of health. Once you get a routine established, don"t over think it.

These tips, along with a modest exercise plan, will help you to lose the weight you need. Even if there are times when you can"t exercise on a regular basis, these tips are easy to follow and will keep you from putting the weight back on once you"ve worked so hard to lose it.



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