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Jennifer Shoquist, MD

What Do Patients Say?
Jennifer Shoquist

About Jennifer Shoquist, MD

Dr. Jennifer Shoquist is board certified in Family Medicine. Her special interest is woman’s health and her practice accepts patients from 6 years old to seniors. A resident of Newport Beach, California, for over ten years, Dr. Jennifer Shoquist was born in Houston, Texas, and received her M.D. degree at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston in Houston, Texas. She did her residency with Memorial Family Practice at Memorial Southwest Hospital in Houston, Texas. She chose Family Practice for the varied opportunities for strong rapport it offers with patients. “I love having a chance to help people approach their health proactively, and it is satisfying to see their progress in this regard,” she says. She prides herself on being a physician with strong diagnostic skills and a positive attitude, both of which contribute to excellent outcomes in healthcare delivery and patient satisfaction. She has co­authored health nonfiction books, including Migraines For Dummies, Potty Training For Dummies, The Encyclopedia of STDs, and Parent’s Success Guide to Parenting.

  • Exercise including Pilates
  • Movies
  • Women’s Health
  • Spending Time with Family

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