Sinus Infection Treatment
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A sinus infection, or sinusitis, is a respiratory condition characterized by the infection and inflammation of the nasal passages and sinuses. While it is possible for sinusitis to go away on its own, untreated it if it worsens can potentially cause problems.

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Sinus Infection Causes and Symptoms

An infection of the sinuses — large spaces in your skull that warm and filter inhaled air — can result from viruses, bacteria, and in rare cases, fungi. Seasonal allergies, as well as irritants such as chemicals, smoke, nasal sprays, pollen, and mold, can also inflame the sinuses. Sinus infections are generally more common in the winter months.

Common symptoms for sinusitis include:

When Do You Need an Urgent Care Visit for a Sinus Infection?

When you or your loved one develop sinusitis, you need to monitor the symptoms for about 7 to 10 days. During this period, you can also use over-the-counter medications to ease the symptoms. Nonprescription medicines coupled with home remedies and a healthy lifestyle can help alleviate some of the symptoms of sinusitis. However, unlike mild sinus infections that can clear up within a few days, acute sinusitis infections may require more. Consider visiting our urgent care facilities if:

How Do We Diagnose Sinusitis?

We diagnose sinusitis based on your symptoms and history. We may ask questions about how long your symptoms have lasted, how they’ve progressed, your medical history, and the presence of any possible triggering factors. We will also perform a physical exam to check your nasal cavity.

Many sinusitis symptoms overlap with COVID. We will discuss COVID testing as part of your evaluation.

Sinusitis Treatment

For mild sinus infections, we may recommend non-prescription medications such as nasal sprays, decongestants, pain relievers, and allergy medications. We can prescribe antibiotics if you have bacterial infection, and if your symptoms worsen, we can recommend additional, more specialized care.

Will You Need Antibiotics for Your Sinus Infection?

Antibiotics are only suitable to treat sinus infections that are bacterial. Viral sinus infections typically do not require medical intervention, and antibiotics will not improve them. Antibiotics are also useless against sinus inflammations caused by second-hand smoke or any other airborne irritants.

We can also review the advisability of using antibiotics, which can also negatively impact the health gut bacteria.

Could You Be Mistaking Your Sinus Infection for a Cold?

Like a sinus infection, the common cold also affects the nasal mucous membranes, causing similar symptoms. The major differences between the two include:

Symptoms of the common cold include:

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