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Spider/Bug Bites & Bee Stings Treatment in Orange County, CA

Affordable, Walk-In Treatment for Bug Bites and Bee Stings

Affordable, Walk-In Treatment for Bug Bites and Bee Stings

There are bugs crawling and buzzing all around us, from bees and spiders to mosquitos. They are generally harmless, but bites and stings are part of spending time outdoors, and the resulting irritation usually goes away in a few hours or even minutes.

However, you should seek treatment if an allergic reaction or infection occurs. Persistent pain and swelling are common symptoms of a bug bite that deserves prompt medical attention.

At Family Care Centers, we are open seven days a week to provide with urgent care for bug bites. When you visit any of our walk-in clinics, our doctors will evaluate your bite or sting and prescribe an effective treatment for quick relief. Our urgent care locations are Irvine, Fountain Valley, and Costa Mesa.

Highlights of Our Urgent Care Facilities

  • Certified, well-trained, & experienced providers
  • Immediate attention to walk-in patients
  • Open all 7 days with extended hours
  • On-site x-ray and lab facilities
  • Online check-in facility to avoid longer wait times
  • Free parking
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Symptoms of Bites and Stings to Watch For

People react differently to bug bites and stings. Visit any of our urgent care clinics to receive prompt care for bug bites if you have mild to moderate symptoms. We can provide you with insect bite or bee sting treatment for persistent non-life-threatening reactions, such as:

  • Minor swelling that won’t go away after a few days
  • Any persistent pain or soreness
  • Redness with a burning sensation around the bite site

However, call 911 for bee stings or spider bites if you experience symptoms such as:

  • Severe allergic reactions including difficulty breathing, mouth, tongue, or throat swelling, severe itching, hives, or nausea
  • Effects of a poisonous bite, including severe swelling, nausea, seizures, coma, vomiting, muscle pain, reddish skin
  • Severe infection symptoms including headaches, nausea, vomiting, and fever

When Should You Seek Medical Care for Bites & Stings?

It’s common to experience pain, swelling, itching, or even a little numbness around the site of a bug bite or bee sting. While these symptoms are usually mild and may quickly disappear on their own, you should seek immediate treatment if you experience any of the following conditions:

  • A bee or other insect stung you around a sensitive area, such as the mouth
  • The bite or sting site turns red or remains swollen for more than three days
  • If you notice any signs of infection, such as swelling with pus discharge
  • You suspect Lyme disease infection after a tick bite due with a red, donut-shaped rash
  • You have a fever, muscle weakness, and pain in various parts of the body (this can occur if you have a mosquito-transmitted infection)

What Can You Expect with Bites & Sting Treatment?

At FCCMG, the treatment for bites and stings begins with carefully evaluating your symptoms. When you visit us, we will examine your body and the bite’s site for signs of infection, such as swelling (inflammation) and redness. We will also check your body temperature to see if you have a fever from the bite.

Visit Our Urgent Care Clinic for Spider/Bug Bites & Bee Stings

Looking for a well-equipped and convenient Spider/Bug Bites & Bee Stings treatment? Visit us at FCCMG in Irvine Woodbridge, Fountain Valley, or Costa Mesa, CA, today.

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