5-Shot Friday for 4/6/18: Traitor Buds, iRecords, Perspective, NR, and Tweet Nicely

Apr 06, 2018


5 Shot Friday

5-Shot Friday for 4/6/18: Traitor Buds, iRecords, Perspective, NR, and Tweet Nicely

Welcome to the April 6th edition of 5-Shot Friday, featuring 5 things that can actually change something relating to health and wellness.

1. Your Buds Are Betraying You

 Granted, mice aren’t the same as humans, but Robin Dando’s lab at Cornell University’s department of food science found an interesting phenomenon: taste buds on fat mice wither away.

"The obese ones have about 25 percent fewer taste buds," he says. Taste buds are structures on the tongue made up of about 100 cells and, when the mice got fat, Dando says the older cells were dying off more quickly and being replaced with new, young cells more slowly." “That blunting of taste may make it more difficult for obese individuals to adhere to certain diets, Morton says. With a diminished sense of taste, people need stronger, more richly flavored food in order to enjoy it as much as someone with 25 percent more taste buds. "Often that means more sugar and fat," Morton says. "And more calories."

Translation: it’s not your imagination – it IS harder, taste-wise, to stick to a diet when you need to lose weight, blander (read: healthier) foods really can seem unappealing. But the study also found that this reverses once the weight comes off, so 2nd translation: Stick with it, it gets better.

2. Tweet of the Week/Month: Apple’s Gamechanging Move Putting Health Records On Your Phone

Not quite “boom, drop mic,” but pretty close. LOTS of pluses listed in that little tweet. Here’s a link to the longer explanation from CNBC.

3. Second Tweet of the Week: We Are A Speck of Lint Under A Fingernail Perspective

4. Sometimes, Supplements Seem To Work

From Dr. Kate Land (@KPkiddoc).
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