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5-Shot Friday: Stupid Muesli, Smart Carbs, That’s No Moon, Good Stretching, And Nice Weight Loss

Welcome to the 11/4/16 edition of 5-Shot Friday, and follow up numero uno on my vegan self-experiment.

1. Stupid Easy Muesli Is About My Speed

I first found out what muesli really was from Austrian travelers while studying Spanish in Guatemala. They were vastly amused at the American breakfast cereal Müeslix from Kellogg’s, since the real stuff (Müsli in non-Swiss Standard German – “mixed”) is easy to make and universally way healthier than what it looks like (granola).

Darya Rose’s recipe has been tiding me over for breakfasts since starting on my vegan journey, and true to her post’s title, it really is stupid easy to make.

Put some in a coffee mug, just barely cover it with water, 2 minutes in the microwave (and a splash of unsweetened almond milk) later, and you have the best darned hot cereal, evah.

Add a bit more mixed nuts, and it’s a great emergency snack (as in, “I didn’t plan, now I’m hungry and facing a cheeseburger” emergency).

2. And That’s Another Thing About Carbs Making You Fat…

10 Tasty Carbs That Won’t Make You Fat

Again, from Darya Rose:

“I’m not here to tell you sugar and flour won’t make you fat, they will. But unrefined foods that just happen to be slightly higher in starch or sugar don’t, in reasonable quantities, elicit giant blood sugar spikes or abnormally high insulin levels.”

“Instead, unprocessed carbohydrates generate gentle, moderate rises in your blood glucose and insulin, giving you a small but long-lasting supply of energy your muscles can use for several hours. This is what is supposed to happen when you eat nourishing food, and normal healthy people have no reason to fear it.”

“Don’t get me wrong, this is not a license to gorge yourself on grains or any food [emphasis mine – pk]. Eat enough of something, or eat it quickly, and you’ll still end up with more sugar in your blood than your body knows what to do with. But in moderate quantities you can eat from the following list without risking your life or growing out of your favorite jeans.”

3. Tweet Of The Week from @LisaGuillette: That’s No Moon, That’s A Space Station-Sized Hound!

That’s No Moon, That’s A Space Station-Sized Hound!

WaterRowers are one of the top brands of indoor rowing machines, see the photo above on the left, but holy smokes that is one ginormous wolfhound.

4. You May Not Want To Stretch For The Reasons You Want To Stretch

Why Do You Want To Stretch?

A nice pointer from @cliftonharski: an infographic by Charlie Reid on separating What You Want out of stretching from What You Need.

5. Vegan Progress: From 217.1 lbs To 211.7 lbs

In 2 weeks, with no increase in exercise (actually with a decrease, due to recuperation from some training boo boos).

There are various ways to ease into veganism, like the Forks Over Knives suggestion of changing one meal per week (e.g. go vegan for breakfast in Week 1, for breakfast and lunch in Week 2, etc). I nixed the animal protein for Week 1, and upped my intake of beans and whole grains instead. Pic below of a recent lunch: whole grain buns, veggieburger with lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, and mustard, veggie soup, and fruit.

Vegan Progress

So far so good, though some testiness has occurred as mealtimes approach. The brain runs on glucose and ketones, and uses a whopping 20% of the body’s total energy needs. There are mucho fewer calories in plant-based foods than in comparable amounts of meat, so not surprising that my neurons are acting testy while adjusting types and amounts of new foods.

Exercise: maintaining a 3-5 day per week back squatting regimen, with about 7,000 steps daily of walking.

Next step: dialing back on the starchier, more processed grains (white rice and brown bread), and transitioning into less refined versions (e.g. brown rice, steel-cut oats, and occasional whole grain breads).

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