Four Health Benefits Of Including Mangoes In Your Diet

Jul 20, 2018



Four Health Benefits Of Including Mangoes In Your Diet

The mango is often savored for its sweetness and succulence. However, do you know about the fruit’s incredible health benefits? The fruit’s popularity has jumped ten-fold from when it was first introduced, and consumers are quickly learning just how versatile it can be, whether to add sweetness in cooking dishes, or as a healthy part of their weight loss plans. The US is expected to import 31 percent more mangoes than last year, while local production in states such as Florida and California continues to be ramped up to meet the growing demand. So what is driving the renewed interest in this stone fruit?

It May Be The Answer To Optimal Digestive Health

This is just one of the advantages the king of fruits can have. The digestive enzymes found in mangoes help your digestive system break down proteins. The fruit is also high in water and fiber levels, which helps you stay hydrated and promotes regularity. A study by A.M Pluschke in 2018, found that mango pulp and pectin positively affected the digestive activity of its participants, highlighting the response to additional fiber in your diet.

It Can Boost Your Red Blood Count

Mangoes are high in vitamins and minerals, including iron. Inclusion in a healthy diet can help your body increase its red blood cells, which may help counteract a tendency you may have for anemia (discuss any supplementation, dietary or otherwise, with your doctor, first). Anemia is often caused by a deficiency in either iron or folic acid, both of which can be found in mangoes. Rich in vitamin C, it can also help anemic patients increase the efficiency of iron absorption. For pregnant women, mangoes can give that extra boost of iron and folic acid needed throughout pregnancy.

Mangoes Can Reduce Your Risk of Cancer & Leukemia

The high levels of antioxidants and beta carotene contained in mangoes can help in the fight against cancer, particularly breast and colon cancer. A study done by Texas AgriLife Research showed mangoes having an effect on all cancers tested, particularly breast and colon. In addition, a study done by the Harvard School of Public Health’s Department of Nutrition showed that a diet rich in beta carotene had a protective impact on prostate cancer.

It Can Slow Down Your Aging Process

Mangoes have very high levels of both vitamin A and C, which are involved in collagen production in the body. Collagen provides the skin’s firmness and elasticity, both of which are affected as we age. Overall, our skin is made up of approximately 80 percent of collagen. One cup of mangoes can provide you with 100 percent of your vitamin C, which can support collagen synthesis and can minimize the appearance of your skin’s aging process. A study by N Boyera in 1998 supported vitamin C’s role in collagen reproduction. Keep in mind that these benefits are based on moderate consumption of mangoes and alongside a healthy, varied diet. Mangoes are not just a lovely addition to your diet but can be a great health tool as well.