Physical Exams for Sports: Why They’re So Important

It"s that time of the year again – school organizations across the county are gearing up for the sports and camp seasons. Nearly all schools mandate pre-participation “sports” physicals for athletes. They’re a familiar ritual for parents and athletes, but have you ever wondered why schools are so insistent about them?

Camp and Sports Physical

They Assess Current Health Status.

A physical exam is just that — an examination to assess that the athlete is healthy enough to participate in the chosen sport. Certain common conditions can interfere with exertion, which often are overlooked until the sports history and physical: asthma and high blood pressure, for example.

They Prevent Future Complications.

Once a health issue has been discovered, it can be treated to prevent worsening, such as the aforementioned asthma, high blood pressure, or conditions like obesity that can lead to prediabetes and later diabetes. Caught early, a tendency towards diabetes can be halted or even reversed. Being examined on a regular basis is one of the best ways to prevent future health complications.

They Track Health Progression.

One of the many benefits of receiving regular exams is that your doctor can track how your fitness and health are progressing. Having that data allows your doctor to view your current and future health in the context of your past readings.

They Enhance Safe Sports Participation.

Sometimes athletes have conditions that will not prohibit them from participating in athletic activity, but will make participation more challenging. For example, those with joint pains may seek medical advice on how to modify workouts or practices to limit damage to those areas. And once in a great while, a condition will be found that could be dangerous or even lethal during play, and this identification is nearly impossible without a sports physical. Consulting with a doctor gives athletes and families the most options in determining what’s best for the individual.

While physicals may seem procedural, they are a valuable tool for optimizing your health. We suggest getting a pre-participation exam before engaging in moderately intense physical activity — especially if you’re starting from scratch – and repeating the exams annually as your body changes. The benefits are pretty clear-cut.

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