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Katayun Saadai, MD

What Do Patients Say?
Katayun Saadai

About Katayun Saadai, MD

Dr. Katayun Saadai, MD, is an English and Farsi speaking board-certified Internal Medicine physician, in practice for more than two decades. She is originally from Iran and has also completed her medical degree from the Tehran University of Medical Science in Iran. Later on, she moved to the US to continue her medical profession, and completed her Internal Medicine Residency at St. Mary’s Health Care in St. Louis, MO. You can visit Dr. Saadai at Family Care Centers’ primary care office at Fountain Valley.

Dr. Saadai has over 23 years of diverse internal medicine experience, practicing primary care medicine in Missouri, then California. She has also contributed to research studies with the Department of Endocrine and Neurology at St Louis University in addition to doing volunteer work at St. Mary’s Health Care Outpatient Clinic.

She chose to be a primary care physician because it allows her to take an active role in guiding health decisions and treatment while building a close relationship with her patients. Her focus is on always providing outstanding care to her patients. “I believe in treating people with dignity, compassion, and respect,” says Dr. Saadai, “by making sure that their care is well-coordinated and includes both medical and emotional support.”

As a doctor of Iranian origin, Dr. Saadai also speaks Farsi fluently, which makes her especially qualified to meet the communication-related needs of the Iranian/Persian/Farsi speaking communities in Fountain Valley, and other nearby communities of Orange County.

Apart from her practice, Dr. Saadai loves spending time with her two teenage boys. In her free time, she also enjoys traveling, swimming, playing tennis, and watching movies.

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